October 19, 2016

3 Easy and Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Dog

Ever wondered how the dogs in movies with the customised pet accessories and glamorous lifestyles look so happy and healthy?

Whether it’s an adorably wrinkled, slightly chubby (and probably drooling) Bulldog, a silky, smiling and playful Labrador or even a strict and humble K9, your dog is a member of your family. And so, it should be treated like one. Dog owners know how important it is to show utmost love and care to our animals, which is why so many pets around us get treated with such highness! But they sure do deserve it since all they ever offer us is endless love and compassion.

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures and they can feel emotions very strongly. They know when they have being scolded, they know when they are getting affection, they know when their owners are playful and also, they know exactly when they are being spoilt. For them, being spoilt is as easy as getting a nice run, a delicious treat and a warm and cosy resting spot. Here are three ways that you can spoil your pet:

Teach them new things

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; but what if, from day one, the dog never stopped learning? Surely then you can successfully teach that dog new tricks endlessly. Dogs love to learn; teaching them new tricks and skills means spending well deserved quality time with them and also gives them the opportunity to burn energy and stay mentally fit.

Keep them groomed

Do you feel emotional and irritated when you feel like you are dirty and have had a long day? Sticky, knotty hair, sweaty palms and a musky breath is enough to make any human feel the need to hide under a blanket and never face the world. So, dogs must surely feel equally uncomfortable when they are not groomed well enough. It’s definitely not necessary to wash your dog every day, but regular bathing, shaving, nail clipping, teeth cleaning and general check-up is definitely non-negotiable. If you keep your dogs clean and well looked after, their lives will flow with happiness and thankfulness, and you will see it in their every move.

Make them unique

Well, to tell you the truth, customised accessories for pets are not only seen in the movies; in fact, a large portion of dog and cat owners have had their pet accessories customised! All dogs have their own personalities and these unique characteristics can be incorporated into their dog beds and cushions, toys, collars and leads. Customising you pet accessories doesn’t have to stop at simply embroidering their names onto items, let your creativity flow!