February 7, 2017

3 Things you should do on National Horse Protection Day

National Horse Protection Day (America) is coming up in less than a month, and horse lovers around the world are all getting ready to spread the awareness. It’s time for South Africans to also step up to the plate and strongly voice our opinion against horse cruelty, so we can join the fight to protect horses in our country- and all around the world!

People say that dog is a man’s best friend, but really, every animal is a man’s best friend. Horses have been faithful companions to their owners for hundreds of years, and they deserve to be loved, looked after and appreciated well.

Three ways that you can contribute to the happiness of horses this National Horse Protection Day:

1. Help those who are already giving so much

Donate money, food other materials to a welfare or horse shelter. You can get into contact with any of the following horse protection associations, they will receive your help with open arms:

Highveld Horse Care Unit
Cart Horse Protection Association
Coastal Horse Care Unit
Mustang Camp

As a horse owner you know how expensive it is to feed and look after these large, majestic animals, we should all be giving a helping hand! If you cannot afford to donate money, it is completely understandable, so perhaps donate some time instead? Find out where you can volunteer for a day, and your part is done!

 2. Spread the awareness on public domains

We have seen how powerful social media is, and we are aware of the fact that it can spread important information like wildfire.

Take advantage of this benefit and start spreading the news of National Horse Protection across your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can make your own status, share this article, share a picture or join a horse protection group and participate in their activities. Even if you just send a short and sweet group message on your WhatsApp- every single time your voice is heard, it counts!

3. Treat your horse extra special on this day

Pretend as if National Horse Protection Day is your horse’s birthday. Animals feel loved and appreciated when they are looked after well, so why not use this day as a way to really show them how much they mean to you. You probably already have your horse riding gear, horse cap, riding boots etc.), so now it’s time to spoil your horse with some awesome accessories too!

It doesn’t have to be big- even a new grooming body brush and a coat shine will do the trick. Spend the day adoring and grooming your horse, and he/she will feel like a million bucks!