4 Ways To Differentiate Between A Cheap & A Quality Western Saddle

Western saddles can cost a pretty penny, especially if you are looking for a high-quality saddle. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, but you have to pick carefully.

Here are the 4 main quality western saddle indicators:

Sturdy and undamaged

Lower-quality saddles will have flaws regardless of how new they are. If a saddle has rips, tears, lumps or any other obvious flaws, it has obviously been made from low-quality materials.

Brand name and serial number

The brand name can either be found stamped into the leather or attached to a small metal plate on the saddle.

The serial number will be located under the skirts or by the brand name. You can research the saddle on Google using either the serial number or the manufacturer’s name to determine the value of the saddle. If it’s a good quality saddle, it will usually cost more.

Thick fleece

Inspect the fleece on the bottom of the saddle. If it is thinning out or missing, the fleece quality is inadequate. Good quality saddles have thick fleece, thus they last longer.

Thick, pliable leather

Make sure that the leather that the saddle is made from is of a high-quality. Saddles that are flimsy and have a “cardboard” texture are usually cheap and low-quality.

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