December 20, 2019

5 Pet Accessories You Need When Adopting a Dog

So you have decided to adopt a dog, great! But are you prepared? Dogs are a big responsibility, but well worth it for all the joy they bring. Before bringing your new four-legged family member home you should get some things in preparation. In our modern age, this is as easy as filling your virtual cart with pet accessories online and waiting for them to be delivered to your door.

1. Dog Collar and Lead

You may think that your puppy or dog will be spending the majority of his/her time at home, at least for the first while. Whatever the case may be, it is absolutely crucial that your dog have a collar with a tag displaying all the relevant information:

  • The dog’s name
  • “I belong to [your name]”
  • Your address
  • Your phone number

Dog collar manufacturers produce these accessories with this in mind when making these products. You just need to ensure it is secured around your dog’s neck, and not too tight. If you are still unsure, read The Right Dog Collar for Your Four Legged Friend for more information.

A dog lead is also an essential training tool when bringing home a new dog as you can use it to teach the dog where their perimeters are. A high quality dog lead is a great way to get your dog used to walking and it can also be used as an effective tool when housebreaking the new dog.

2. Dog Grooming Tools

Basic grooming tools like a brush and dog shampoo are required. Dependent on your dog’s coat and the level of maintenance it requires, these factors will determine what else you may need.

3. Dog Bed

This is a very important item to have ready before you bring your new dog home with you as it will determine where the dog sleeps for the rest of the time you live in the house. Establishing the best spot for the dog bed and beginning training to keep the dog in bed starts on night one. Make sure you have a safe and warm area to put the dog bed you choose and your pup is sure to feel at home right away.

4. Dog Bowls

Having designated bowls for water and food for your new dog is essential. It is also important that these are in a place they are familiar with. It is imperative that your dog always have access to a filled water bowl.

You’ll quickly learn what kind of toy your dog enjoys, whether it is a ball or a rope. Be sure to get something durable so that it lasts long and doesn’t land up in smithereens before the end of a single day.

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