February 15, 2019

5 Steps to Getting Your Pooch in Their Dog Bed

Dog owners know all too well how frustrating it can be when your dog refuses to go to bed and stay there. Here are some steps to follow to be sure your pooch goes to and stays in his or her dog bed.

The old saying goes that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Of course you can teach older dogs new tricks but it will be more difficult and take more time. The easiest way to train a dog to go to and stay in their bed is to train them when they are still a puppy.

1.      Observe the Way Your Dog Likes To Sleep

This will give you an indication of how large the dog bed you purchase should be as well as the best place to put the dog bed. If they like to sleep stretched out rather than curled up opt for a rectangular bed rather than a round one. If you know they like to curl up and feel secure opt for a dog bed with edges to help them feel safe and comfortable. Dog bed manufacturers have taken these conditions into consideration when designing quality dog beds for your four legged friend.

Remember, the more comfortable your canine companion finds his/her dog bed the more likely they are to sleep through the night in it.

2.      Purchase a Dog Bed Based on Your Observations

Measure your dog’s length and breadth just to be sure your dog bed is made for their size and sleeping preferences. If you are unsure consult with dog bed manufacturers, or the sales person in the shop, to be sure you are purchasing the most compatible dog bed for your furry friend.

3.      Start with Basic Commands

Once your dog has learned basic commands like “sit”, “down” and “stay” it will be easy to apply these to bed time and the new dog bed. You can start by simply saying “go to bed” and if the dog even looks in the direction of their dog bed, you reward your dog.

Then progress to leading the dog to the bed with a reward and using a command like “down” so he lies down and “stay” so that he stays in his dog bed.

4.      Introduce “Bed” as a Command

You can simply use “bed” or “go to bed” as a new command once the dog understands what the dog bed is and what is expected from the command. It will take some practice and training but it is worth the nights of restful sleep it will result in for the both of you.

If the pooch leaves their dog bed say the command again and lead them back to their dog bed.

5.      Make the Dog Bed and Command Part of Your Evening Routine

Be sure that when it is time for bed you use the relevant command and enforce this with a reward of praise every time your pooch gets in his dog bed for the night. You may have to use the command and carry him to bed the first few times but it will stick eventually.

Now you can catch all your Z’s while your animal companion is warm and safe in their very own dog bed. Contact Trident Saddlery, trusted dog bed manufacturers to complete step two of the 5 Steps to Getting Your Pooch in Their Dog Bed.