January 31, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Need a Dog in Your Life

  1. They emphasise human pain

Studies have proved that dogs are more likely to approach someone who is crying or in pain than someone who is not, proving that dogs have a caring and comforting nature. If you need some TLC when you are down – a dog is the right pet for you!

  1. Dogs can really kiss things better!

Dog kisses are sloppy and sometimes annoying – but they have health benefits! Saliva helps stimulate nerves and muscles which helps oxygen get moving and helps wounds heal faster!

Letting your dog “lick your wounds” is not disgusting but healing!

  1. Dogs protect you – and not only from bad guys.

Due to their insane sense of smell dogs can detect cancer, seizures, low blood sugar, as well as food allergies. Dogs can sense something is wrong before anything occurs and warn their master. They can sniff out if your blood sugar is low, if you are about to eat something you are allergic to etc., and if they can’t warn you in time they will make sure that they bark until someone comes to help you.

  1. Dirty dogs boost your immune system.

Studies show that babies that grow up around dogs are much healthier, and the same goes for adults. Dogs bring dirt and germs into your house on a regular occasion, exposing you to germs and making your more resistant to them. If you see your child cuddling up with his pup in the dog bed, don’t stress, he is getting healthier!

  1. They help you stay active.

While guilt is not a great reason to go jogging or for a walk, people who have dogs are less likely to skip their daily walk because “they don’t feel like it”. One cannot make excuses when your doggy is waiting at home for you to pick up his lead and take him out.

  1. Dogs help people deal with depression and stress.

Depression is easier to get through with the love of a dog – simply having them around and knowing that someone is waiting to see you instantly gives one a reason to keep on going. Simply having a dog around can make you happier and more relaxed helping people deal with stress as well.

Now that we see why dogs are so important in our lives it is important that we treat them and give them the love and care that they deserve.