7 Dog Walking Tips You Need to Know

Walking your dog is an essential part of their life so that they (and you) get the daily exercise you need. Here are some ways to ensure that this is a pleasant experience for both you and your canine friend every time.

1.      Take the Position of the Pack Leader

Dogs are pack animals so to assert your dominance as the “alpha” walk in front of your dog. This means that you walk out the door first when your dog is on the leash establishing you as the pack leader as soon as you leave the house. Dogs are excitable creatures so this may not always be the case, however, well behaved/well trained dogs will and should spend the walk beside or behind you. This is especially important for large dogs that can be easy to lose control of or lose your grip on the dog lead if you have not established your role during the walk. It should be a walk, not a drag. This is the number one tip from the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Millan.

If your dog running ahead remains a problem, make use of a front clip along with a sturdy lead from trusted dog lead manufacturers.

2.      Let Your Pup Sniff Around

This doesn’t mean stopping every other moment but if the area is appropriate and safe for some exploring let them do so. This is great mental stimulation and well trained dogs will continue on their walk once you (the pack leader) prompt them with a verbal command like “let’s walk.”

You will find that allowing this exploration makes for a more satisfying walk for your dog.

3.      Always Bring Water

Most walks last at least half an hour and this is enough time for your dog to develop a thirst, especially in hot weather. Be sure to always bring plenty of water for you and your pup.

4.      Be Sure Your Dog is Wearing Identification

Make sure you have a well-fitting collar and an identification disk which a loop is made available for by reputable dog collar manufacturers. This way, should your dog get lost or the two of you become separated from one another, you will have a means of getting them back.

5.      Take Your Time

Short walks can be more frustrating for a dog than it is stimulating. Make time to give your dog a well-deserved 30 minutes each time you set off for your walk.

6.      Bring Treats

A good walk deserves a treat. Even if you only reward the dog with a treat and praise after the walk be sure to constantly give praise when the dog responds to your commands. A treat along the way for resisting chasing a cat or rushing other passing dogs may also call for a reward.

7.      Use a Short Leash

Using a short leash while training a dog to walk is the best way to ensure your dog gets used to walking by your side. A shorter dog lead made available by dog lead manufacturers give you more control of how far your dog can wander.

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