October 13, 2020

A Dog Harness Manufacturer’s Advice on Choosing the Right Leash

Dog harness suppliers are rife in South Africa, and dog harnesses can be found at just about any pet shop, grocery retailer, and vet store. How do you know that the harness you’re getting is right for your dog, and whether it is going to last?

Choosing the Right Dog Harness

You need to keep in mind what your harness will be used for before you buy your ideal one. If you are simply walking on the road from time to time, letting your pup off the lead to roam free in a dog-friendly park, or you’re allowing him or her to swim in lakes etc. should all be kept in mind.

Collar or harness?

When you’re beginning to train your dog to walk on a lead, it’s best to start out with a harness. This is because harnesses wrap around the whole body. If your dog gets scared or struggles to get out, it will be easy to comfortably get them moving at your pace, without them choking themselves. It will then be easy to train them to walk on a collar (if you’d like to) once they are used to the motion and the activity.

For a dog who has been trained to wear a dog collar, and to walk on it, returning to a harness seems unnecessary. If your pooch is a water baby and you take them to parks where there is water to jump into, then a harness is impractical as it may chafe while the dog runs around with their wet fur.

A dog lead can easily be unclipped from a collar and your buddy can go nuts in the water, come back and get clipped in quickly and easily.

Fitting a Harness

When you are in the market to start your dog off on a harness, it’s important to pay attention to certain factors:

  • The harness must be snug enough so they can’t get out, but not too tight so it squeezes their skin or pulls their fur.
  • Harnesses should have 4 – 5 adjustment holes so you can adjust it to fit your pup regardless of inevitable weight fluctuations and growth.
  • Once the harness becomes too small, it will be time to up the size.

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