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The impressive showroom carries everything and anything a person needs to ride and keep horses. There is a huge range of saddles, bridles, halters, lungeing equipment, riding gear, imported safety helmets, a large selection of books, magazines, bits, fly fringes, harnesses, supplements, cleaning materials and equipment. All English saddle trees are imported from England, where the quality is the very best, but Western and trail trees are locally produced and of a very high standard. All the buckles are also imported, as they cannot be sourced locally. Even the stuffing for the best saddles has to be imported, and no expense is spared on the Trident range. Saddle trees are laminated with a fiberglass bandage to get the correct suspension and balance.

One of the most important aspects of saddle making is ensuring that the panels are just right. Correct padding ensures that the saddle sits level on the horse’s back and distributes the rider’s weight evenly. All through the process, checks are made on quality and durability, and each finished product is checked by one of the company’s top saddlers before it goes through to the showroom or for distribution. Trident Saddlery makes a wide range of leather products in its factory. Should you require a special piece of equipment, from a chambon to a custom-made saddle, Trident Saddlery will be happy to oblige.

They also make bridles as well as specialized saddles, from polo saddles to Australian stock saddles. All stress areas on all items are hand stitched with lock stitches to ensure safety of the product. The making of horse blankets involves laying out material, cutting, marketing, eyeleting and machining. This process entails using both nylon and leather strapping.

All the leather straps used in the factory are cut on an electronic strap cutter which is programmed to make the straps the same length and width where required. After the leather is cut, the edges are rounded, holes are punched, embossing is done and the leather stained. To keep up to date with current trends in saddlery world wide, management visit trade fairs in England and Germany every year. Trends are dictated by the top riders in their particular fields, and the technology is brought back home to South Africa to improve the local product. Trident Saddlery imports items from all over, including Great Britain and Germany, and also exports its products to some overseas destinations, as well as to other African countries. Trident Saddlery is open seven days a week and boasts a top team of saddlers and experts to advise clients so that they buy right the first time. It can almost be described as a one-stop horse shop with full factory back up and friendly service, for miniature horses to massive Percherons, you should find what you need.

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