July 16, 2015

Before You Take Your Puppy For A Walk…

Ready to take your puppy out for a neighbourhood walk? Not so fast…

Taking an untrained puppy out in public can be a little dicey. You need to make sure your puppy becomes accustomed to its new pet accessories, namely the lead and collar, and you also need to make sure you can reprimand or discipline it so that it doesn’t misbehave.

First things first: Puppy meet the collar and lead combo. Puppies can already be introduced to the collar and lead combo at only a few weeks old. Make sure you put on the collar and lead when the puppy is either eating or playing; this will help make the introduction more positive. Use treats and toys to stop the puppy from fighting against the collar and lead.

Also, remember that puppies grow at the “speed of light”, therefore your puppy’s collar should be checked as often as possible to ensure that it still fits. Make sure that the collar is not loose enough for the puppy to pull it off. There are countless material and leather dog collars that are adjustable so you can change the size as the puppy grows.

Take your puppy for a walk inside. Guide it through the house and lead it around- even to your outside garden.

Take the lead. If the puppy pulls the lead once you stop walking, turn around and walk the other way. After you have stopped and started a few times, the puppy will eventually stop pulling. Remember to reward your puppy with treats for correct behaviour.

Teach your puppy obedience. It is important that your puppy is obedient before you take it out of the yard for a walk. The best time to start obedience training is between 3 and 6 months old. Make sure:
•    the commands are simple: “sit”, “heel”, “stay”, etc.
•    everyone commanding your puppy uses the same commands to avoid confusion.

Remember to give your puppy positive reinforcements such as treats if it obeys your commands.