May 29, 2014

The Benefits of Using Horse Shampoo on Human Hair

Horse Shampoo on Human HairHealthy and good looking hair has always been a priority for both men and women.  If you are in South Africa and have had problems with your hair in the past, it is best to use shampoos formulated for horses as they can keep your unruly hair, clean, moisturised and looking good. Horses have unruly manes and tails and the shampoos made for them are specially formulated so that they are easy to tame. As these horse shampoos work by swelling the hair shaft, it may not be advisable to use them if you have fine hair. When the hair shaft swells it enables the hair to grow much faster.  As the hair shaft gets nourishment, it is encouraged to become thicker and healthy.

If you want soft, shiny and luxurious hair, however, you need to change your shampoo from the conventional brand that you have been using all these years and choose those that are specifically made for horses. Do remember that these shampoos may be harsh on your hair if you use them in the same concentration as those used on horses. However, when you dilute and use it as per specifications, you may be able to get amazing results. It is best to buy a shampoo that has been specially formulated for use by both horses and humans.  This ensures that it is perfectly safe for use on all types of hair.

Generally, the ingredients that are found in horse shampoos are similar to those that are made for humans and this makes them perfect for use. They are safe to use and do not have side effects. Avoid using it in excess though as it can make your hair look flat and weighed down. It is best to use it only two to three times each week and you can alternate it with the conventional human shampoo for better results. Do remember to use a conditioner to make the hair softer. Most of the shampoos available in the market for horses have conditioner along with the shampoo and this saves you the trouble of using them separately.


When it comes to hair, human beings ad horses share a similar pH factor and a common chemical make-up and they can therefore use the same shampoo with amazing results. The only major difference between shampoos made for humans and horses is the concentration. The shampoos that are made for horses are more concentrated and this means that you do not have to use much of it to get clean and stylish hair. When horse owners in South Africa noticed dramatic changes in the condition of their horses hair, they decided to use the shampoo on their hair and it quickly became a beauty secret. The trend become popular worldwide as more and more people started using it. Although it was an accidental discovery, it opened many possibilities for such shampoos to be manufactured and used.


People who have started using the shampoos made for horses have reported that their hair grow fast and strong. As there is less product build up in the hair, it can help in making it easier to manage. Even if you have hard water at your place, you can use them easily as the specially formulated product can help in removing the minerals that are most often left behind when you use hard water to wash your hair. Another significant added bonus to these shampoos is that they smell good. You can use them on damaged hair too since they help in the repair process and help you have stronger hair. These shampoos are also much less expensive than the conventional human shampoos available in the market and this can help you save money.

If you want to reap the full benefit of these shampoos, it is important that you follow the specific instructions that are specified for each brand. Some manufactures may ask you to dilute it before use so that it does not make the hair greasy or over moisturise. It is best to use different brands of shampoos so that you are able to determine which works best for you. If you want to have healthy hair, you can choose a conditioner along with the shampoo and this can work miracles for your hair.

Although some people were initially apprehensive about using such products, it was soon overcome as they become aware of the many benefits. The shampoos available are made for different types of human hair and it is advisable to read details pertaining to it so that you can choose wisely. If you choose the wrong formulation for your hair, it might not work its magic on you. A good choice can do wonders for your hair and confidence.


The various shampoo products available in the market have been keeping horses looking spectacular for years and this has encouraged many manufactures of these products to venture into the human hair market. The products that are available at most supermarkets are known to work wonders on the human hair.  You may also be able to buy these products online. They carry instructions for use at the back of the pack so that you know how much to use each time you shampoo your hair. How do you choose the best horse shampoo for humans? Before you buy any specific brand of shampoo, it is advisable to read reviews about them so that you are able to make an informed choice. There are many brands that are developing complementary products like conditioners so that they can ensure an improved experience for the user.