Leap Into Action with a Jumping Saddle

Making sure you have the right footwear is an important part of any event, and the same applies to choosing the correct horse saddle and equestrian equipment. Much like how you wouldn’t wear high heels for a sprint, when jumping with your horse you should use a proper jumping saddle, and here’s why.



Horse Grooming: What you will need and why

Making sure your horse is clean and groomed is an important part of caring for a horse and building trust between the rider and animal. There are certain products that can streamline this process and leave the horse fresh and beautiful and you satisfied from a job well done.

Stay in the saddle

I know it, you know it, Clint Eastwood seems to know it (sometimes): riding bareback is “riskier without the saddle to rely on for security”. It’s as simple as that. So why risk it?

Of the different types of horse riding gear, a proper saddle is a fundamental investment that will ensure your horse’s comfort, yes, but also one that will contribute to your safety whilst riding. A saddle that is the incorrect size increases the chance of you slipping and falling off. Once flung, you run the risk of being stomped on too – if the fall itself wasn’t enough! We’re just reinforcing this information because we know how quickly and easily accidents happen.

But apart from buying the right saddle, there are measures one can take when it comes to securing the saddle and remaining safe in the seat. Lend us your ears; we want to protect you.

Collars for dogs: non-negotiable accessories

When you look at images of the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, many people are shown as completely inseparable from their pets despite the surrounding water and debris. This is telling of what we prioritise: our families.

A Riding Cap: The Most Important Horse Riding Gear




The average height of a horse is between 1.4 and 1.8 metres, which is a long way to fall. Not to mention that most horse riding injuries occur when being flung from a horse rather than simply falling off.