Saddle and bridle starter kit: What it is and how to use it




Having the right equipment when you take up horse riding is essential to learning all the whats, hows, whens, wheres and whys of the skill set. Start yourself off right with a full kit!







How to Wash and Groom Different Dog Coats with Different Shampoos

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Different dog breeds require different kinds of shampoo for bath time, and also different levels of grooming. 



Jodhpurs; The Horse Rider’s Best Friend

wembley saddleJodhpurs are trousers made for horse riding that are designed to sport a well-fitting cuff all the way down to the ankle. The trousers are made from stretch material to allow for freedom of movement of the rider.

The Jodhpur originated in India in a place of the same name in the 1890’s. It was made of tight fitting cloth around the mid-calf section down to the ankle and with a loose, free flowing material around the hips to allow for freedom of movement.

What are High Quality Western Saddles Made of and Why?

wembley saddleUses for Leather:

Leather has been used in the making of everything, from clothes to furniture, for centuries. Leather is also the ultimate comrade to the equestrian. Saddles are made from leather products that range from raw leather to suede.

Raw leather is animal skin (usually bovine in nature) which is placed in the sun and treated with chemicals to ensure it lasts up to 40 years before putrefying or deteriorating.

Where to Get your Customisable Raw Leather

horse riding gearTrident can now provide its passionate equestrians and dog lovers with raw materials for their own customisable leather needs. You can bring your own design or idea and a craftsman can make a raw leather product for you, or you can take raw leather home with you if you wish to make your own thing.