4 Ways To Differentiate Between A Cheap & A Quality Western Saddle

Quality Western SaddlesWestern saddles can cost a pretty penny, especially if you are looking for a high-quality saddle. There are hundreds of different options to choose from, but you have to pick carefully.

Here are the 4 main quality western saddle indicators:

Sturdy and undamaged

Open wide! Tips for healthy teeth

halter, natural horse calmativeNone of us enjoy visiting the dentist, but it’s something we have to do at least once a year to ensure our sparkly whites remain cavity-free. The same goes for your horse. In order to keep your horse healthy and in an overall good condition, consider following these helpful tips:


Canine Bed-Time Training 101

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Our dogs become like family, often sleeping in our beds. We don’t dare move or turn around in bed, too afraid we might wake our beloved pups. So we lay there feeling a little bit uncomfortable until we see a twitch or even one eye moving. The things we’re willing to do for our pets are extraordinary. However, we need to rest as well. The only way for both canine and human to get a full night’s rest without getting a kick in the face or ending up on the edge of the bed, is to train your dog to sleep in their own bed.

Here’s how:


14 Human Foods That Your Dog Should Never Eat

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If you love your dog to the moon and back, resisting the temptation of sharing some of your food with him at dinner time may be quite a challenge. Many pet owners avoid feeding their dogs at the dinner table to promote better manners; however, there is an even more serious issue at hand:

Many human foods are poisonous to dogs!

When your dog glares at you with his big, brown eyes while you’re eating, here are the foods that you should absolutely not feed him:

(Please bear in mind that this information is not a substitute for a proper veterinary consultation.)