A Step by Step Guide to Grooming your Horse

Horse GroomingGrooming your horse should be somewhat of a habit, but if you’re pretty new to the whole thing, knowing which brush to use when and exactly how to go about using them can become quite confusing.

Buying Your First Saddle: The Beginner’s Guide

horse saddles on fenceChoosing the right saddle for you, as the rider, and your noble steed is crucially important to ensure successful riding adventures. As a first time saddle-buyer, there are a few things to keep in mind when making the commitment:

15 Basic Horse Grooming Supplies

Horse GroomingAs many horse owners know, taking care of a horse is a huge responsibility. They require a lot of attention and numerous horse supplements and products. If you have not yet owned a horse, or if you own a horse but have not yet bought all the appropriate horse grooming essentials, check out the list below.

Holiday Season Pet Safety Tips


As we prepare for the holiday season, it is absolutely essential that we do not fail to keep our animals in mind when getting caught up in all the end of year festivities. Trident Saddlery has compelled a list of important tips to ensure that you keep your pets healthy and safe.

Protective Boots For Horses

Horse BootsThere are various reasons why a horse could need protective boots as well as various designs to match different needs. For race or jump horses, protective boots prevent leg injuries from occurring during riding; for horses with constant returning injuries, protective boots can assist with supporting the legs; and there are specifically designed boots to prevent any interference that may cause splints or abrasions.