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Dark Shades, Pastels or Neon: An Equestrian Colour Coordination Guide

horse tack for saleWhen looking at horse tack for sale, we as horse owners feel compelled to ensure that our horses are kitted with colour matching tack, not only for the aesthetic reasons, but also for the practical ones. For riding schools or people who own more than one horse, having a colour assigned to each horse will keep things organised and keep skin conditions from spreading. From numnahs to brushing boots, each item can be bought in the colour of your choice which allows you to assign a specific shade to your equine pal. However, there are general “fashion” rules for horse’s coats on what colours or shades will go well with their own natural colouring. So, if you need help deciding which colour will turn your horse into a young trend-setter, have a look at this quick equestrian colour coordination guide.

Will a Donkey Make a Good Companion for Your Horse?

donkey bridleMost of us understand that our horses are herd animals. Therefore, they need companions in order to feel safe and to thrive physically as well as emotionally. Aside from a pony or goat pal, donkeys generally make great companions for horses. However, before buying or adopting a new donkey, be sure to test whether your horse reacts well to the idea first. Do so by introducing them to one of these long-eared friends, especially if they have not been in contact with a donkey before. Other than the few individual horses who are finicky about their paddock mates, most horses will welcome these fellow hooved characters into their lives with an open heart, especially after given some time to get used to each other.

Which to Buy? The Difference between Chaps and Gaiters

In the equestrian world there are numerous ranges of horse equipment to buy for both you and your horse, it is important to know the different purposes and benefits that the each offers you before making a purchase. Many riders get confused when purchasing equestrian wear as they are often uncertain as to what purpose each item serves and what the differences are between similar products.

Saddle Geek Guide: Tips for Keeping your New Saddle in Top Condition

There are two main components to maintaining the condition of your new saddle, suitable storage, and regular cleaning. Once you have bought your new saddle, preferably from top-quality saddle manufacturers, you’re going to want to immediately start with a stringent care routine in order to preserve the condition and lifetime of the saddle.

A saddle is an investment, and often the most expensive item of your equine gear, you therefore want your saddle to last for a long time to come, or at least until your horse grows out of it. Even with heavy use, a saddle will remain in good condition if you adhere to the two basic principles, cleaning and storage.