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Trident Saddles for Every Kind of Horse Rider

Trident SaddlesWhatever horse riding you partake in Trident has the saddles you need to indulge in your equestrian hobby. We even have raw leather to create whatever you may need including any repairs to your leather horse equipment. This article contains some more information of a few of the Trident saddles available from our website.

How Often Should You Groom a Horse?

horse grooming kit, horse grooming equipment, how often should you groom a horseFirstly, there is a difference between grooming a horse and bathing a horse. Bathing can be seen as a step in the larger grooming process, but one can groom a horse without necessarily having to bathe them first. All-round and comprehensive horse care and grooming should also include a regular visit from a farrier to keep their hooves and shoes in a good condition.

The Kinds of Riding Boots Available for Horse Riding

riding boots, riding boots for horses, riding boots horseChoosing the right riding boots, whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned expert, is of the upmost importance. As one of the most important elements in your equestrian attire there are some factors to consider before purchasing the right riding boots:

5 Pet Accessories You Need When Adopting a Dog

dog accessories gauteng, pet accessories online, dog collar manufacturersSo you have decided to adopt a dog, great! But are you prepared? Dogs are a big responsibility, but well worth it for all the joy they bring. Before bringing your new four-legged family member home you should get some things in preparation. In our modern age, this is as easy as filling your virtual cart with pet accessories online and waiting for them to be delivered to your door.

Do You Put Your Dog’s Bed Inside or Outside?

Dog beds, dog bed manufacturers, dog bed distributorsIn modern times this has become a much deliberated question: should dogs sleep inside or outside? At the end of the day as long as your dog is warm and safe that is all that matters, whether they be inside or outside. As a dog owner, this is entirely up to you, but be sure to weigh your options before making a final decision.