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Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Saddle

Whether you are an experienced horse rider or a beginner there are certain things you should keep in mind when purchasing a saddle to make sure you get exactly what you (and your horse) need. When it comes to horse supplies, the saddle is the basis of what you will need to ride a horse successfully.

Choosing the Right Halter for Your Horse

Equestrian equipment includes everything you will need to comfortably ride while not burdening the horse. Horse halters and head collars are essential headgear items used in horse riding. It is essential to be sure your halter is fit properly so it can be fully functional for both horse and rider.

Signs That Your Dog is Stressed and How You Can Help

Anxious pups are easy to spot if you know what to look for. There are many signs of stress that dogs express, as well as plenty of ways you can help calm your canine companion with the help of common dog products and dog accessories. If you see any of these signs of stress in your pooch be sure to start regularly taking steps to ease their anxiety.

The Evolution of Equestrian Equipment: The History of Horse Saddles

Before saddles, early horseman would ride bareback, whether it was for travel or even riding into battle. Horses were a crucial part of life, so although people rode bareback for centuries the invention of the saddle can be traced back as far as 365 AD.

The Right Dog Collar for Your Four Legged Friend

There are some questions up in the air when it comes to dog accessories, such as: “do I have to use dog leads on our walks?”, “should my dog wear a collar?” or “do I need a lead to potty train my puppy?” Whatever your questions may be, this article aims to put some of them to rest. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to be sure you choose the right collar for your particular pup.