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5 Steps to Getting Your Pooch in Their Dog Bed

dog bed manufacturers, dog bedDog owners know all too well how frustrating it can be when your dog refuses to go to bed and stay there. Here are some steps to follow to be sure your pooch goes to and stays in his or her dog bed.

How to Identify Stress in Your Horse

equestrian supplies distributors, equestrian supplies manufacturers, horse equipmentHorses are prey mammals with their fight or flight reflexes very much intact to flee at any given moment as an instinctive reaction of self-preservation. This means that horses are by nature anxious creatures who need to be handled delicately to avoid stress. Equestrian supplies manufacturers know that horses are delicate creatures so all products are geared to make the horse more comfortable. Here are some ways you can identify stress in your horse.

7 Dog Walking Tips You Need to Know

Walking your dog is an essential part of their life so that they (and you) get the daily exercise you need. Here are some ways to ensure that this is a pleasant experience for both you and your canine friend every time.

Numnahs: What They Are and How to Use Them

horse equipment, riding gear, equestrian equipmentAlso known as a saddle pad, a numnah is an essential component of horse equipment. It is a pad, blanket or piece of fabric placed underneath the saddle.

Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer: How and Why?

dog collar manufacturers, dog bed distributors, pet bed distributorsAs is true in the wintertime, if you are feeling cold, so is your dog, the opposite is true in summer: if you are feeling the heat so is the pooch. Here are some ways to keep your four-legged friend comfortable and cool this summer whether they will be at home with you or joining you on a tropical holiday.