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The Kinds of Riding Boots Available for Horse Riding

riding boots, riding boots for horses, riding boots horseChoosing the right riding boots, whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned expert, is of the upmost importance. As one of the most important elements in your equestrian attire there are some factors to consider before purchasing the right riding boots:

5 Pet Accessories You Need When Adopting a Dog

dog accessories gauteng, pet accessories online, dog collar manufacturersSo you have decided to adopt a dog, great! But are you prepared? Dogs are a big responsibility, but well worth it for all the joy they bring. Before bringing your new four-legged family member home you should get some things in preparation. In our modern age, this is as easy as filling your virtual cart with pet accessories online and waiting for them to be delivered to your door.

Do You Put Your Dog’s Bed Inside or Outside?

Dog beds, dog bed manufacturers, dog bed distributorsIn modern times this has become a much deliberated question: should dogs sleep inside or outside? At the end of the day as long as your dog is warm and safe that is all that matters, whether they be inside or outside. As a dog owner, this is entirely up to you, but be sure to weigh your options before making a final decision.

How to Choose Horse Blankets for the Climate in South Africa

Equine Blankets, best Equine Blankets, horse blankets south AfricaThere are multiple factors to consider when choosing the right equine blanket for your equine companion. This article will explore some of the things you should take into consideration before making your final decision. Once you have made your purchase you must also be sure to optimise the blanket’s use as well as to maintain its quality so it lasts as long as possible.

Riding Gear for Horse Riding in The Winter

Trident_Riding_Gear_for_Horse_Riding_in_The_WinterRiding gear in the winter changes somewhat, especially if you are in a climate that receives snowfall in the depth of winter. With the right equestrian equipment you and your horse can comfortably enjoy a ride in weather of anything above about 6 °C. Anything below this and you risk discomfort for yourself and the horse. In snow horses may find it hard to break through snow that has frozen over and it could result in the horse lacerating their legs or even a dangerous fall.