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Numnahs: What They Are and How to Use Them

horse equipment, riding gear, equestrian equipmentAlso known as a saddle pad, a numnah is an essential component of horse equipment. It is a pad, blanket or piece of fabric placed underneath the saddle.

Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer: How and Why?

dog collar manufacturers, dog bed distributors, pet bed distributorsAs is true in the wintertime, if you are feeling cold, so is your dog, the opposite is true in summer: if you are feeling the heat so is the pooch. Here are some ways to keep your four-legged friend comfortable and cool this summer whether they will be at home with you or joining you on a tropical holiday.

How to Take Good Care of Leather Equestrian Equipment

saddle manufacturers, equestrian equipment, horse saddlesLeather is a popular material for horse tack and equestrian equipment because it offers good grip, is flexible enough to break in for a rider’s comfort and is exceedingly durable when properly maintained. This article will act as a guide to taking care of your leather equestrian equipment in order to maintain its functionality, durability and potential resale value.

The Use of Over Reach Boots for Horses

horse equipment shops, equestrian equipment, riding gearWhat is Overreaching?

Overreaching is when a horse snags or “grabs” their front heels with the toes of their hind legs which may result in injury. The area that sustains this injury is usually the delicate heel and pastern of the horse, so cuts and abrasions on these areas can become a cause for concern. Overreaching commonly occurs during fast-paced exercise and jumping, although it can occur while walking under certain circumstances.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Choosing the Best Dog Bed

Some people think that dogs are perfectly suited to simply curl up and fall asleep anywhere but as most dog owners know, this is not enough. Curled up on the floor may work for a quick rest but a good night’s sleep for our beloved canine companions requires the expertise of pet bed manufacturers. Here are the different kinds of dog beds best suited for different dogs in different situations.