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The Right Dog Collar for Your Four Legged Friend

There are some questions up in the air when it comes to dog accessories, such as: “do I have to use dog leads on our walks?”, “should my dog wear a collar?” or “do I need a lead to potty train my puppy?” Whatever your questions may be, this article aims to put some of them to rest. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to be sure you choose the right collar for your particular pup.

If You Are Cold, So Are They: How to Keep Your Dogs Snug This Winter

The general rule of thumb when it is cold outside is that if you can feel it (taking into account that you can add layers of clothing) so can your dog. If your dogs are inside they can still feel the chill, especially in South Africa where indoor heating is less common than it is in colder countries. Here are some tips to help make sure you keep your dogs warm whether they spend the majority of the day inside or outside.

3 Fun Facts About Horses Explained

Horses have been part of people’s lives as domestic animals for around 5000 years. They have been domesticated for riding and as work animals, but our love for them is still undeniable. Here are some fun facts you may not have known about our equestrian friends.

Horse Supplies for Travelling with Your Equestrian Companion

When travelling with your horse there are certain things that should be on your packing list when it comes to horse supplies. Listed among them should be your horse saddles and tack, but there are certain products that should also be taken along to keep your horse safe while travelling.

Horse Grooming: What you will need and why

Making sure your horse is clean and groomed is an important part of caring for a horse and building trust between the rider and animal. There are certain products that can streamline this process and leave the horse fresh and beautiful and you satisfied from a job well done.