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How To Enjoy Bath Time!

Dog BathSome dogs absolutely love water; others, not so much. When it comes to making sure your dog is clean and fresh, we have some top advice to help make cleaning your dog a friendly experience as opposed to a raging war!


The Ideal Dog’s Traveling Kit

Pet AccessoriesSome dogs wait in anxious excitement for car rides while others stiffen up with their tale between their legs at the thought of being stuck in a moving car.

The best way to make a vehicle trip pleasant for your dog is to make sure your dog’s tote bag for travelling has all the necessary travelling items. The following items should be included in your dog’s travelling tote bag:

Before You Take Your Puppy For A Walk…

Pet Accessories

Ready to take your puppy out for a neighborhood walk? Not so fast...

Taking an untrained puppy out in public can be a little dicey. You need to make sure your puppy becomes accustomed to its new pet accessories, namely the lead and collar, and you also need to make sure you can repremand or disclipline it so that it doesn’t misbehave.

Basic Hoof Care for your Horse

HoofsMany think that taking care of their horse’s feet is a job left to the farrier, however this is not the case. Here are a few steps you can take at home to make sure that your horsey’s hooves stay healthy.

With these 3 easy steps you can monitor the condition of your horse’s hooves and know when to call for help.