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3 Most Common Horseback Riding Injuries & How To Prevent Them

Riding helmetHorseback riding is a very popular activity among children and adults in South Africa. The only issue with riding horses is that even the most experienced riders are prone to serious injuries.

How to Keep Your Dog Warm this Winter: 5 Top Tips

dog accessoriesSince we’re celebrating the middle of winter, we need to keep in mind that our dogs may be feeling the effects of winter. However, by preparing in advance to ensure that your dogs are warm while you’re at work, you may be saving them from experiencing colder winters than necessary.

Why you should stock Trident Saddlery products in your pet store

Equestrian productsAs any pet store owner would agree, you want to provide the best quality products for your customers and their best friends. We pay special attention to every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure that our products are durable and will stand the test of time.

Have you ever considered stocking Trident Saddlery’s products?

3 Essential Rules for Purchasing a Horse Blanket

Horse blanketWinter is quickly creeping in, which means you need to ensure your horse is kept warm and dry while enjoying a day out in the pasture. However, you want to ensure you get the best blanket for your bucks. So before starting your shopping spree, keep the following things in mind when purchasing a horse blanket:

Top 5 must-have horse accessories for equestrians

Horse riding, as any horse owner would know, is more than just a sport. It’s a way of life. Which requires the correct gear and equipment, just like any other sport, in order to stay on top of your game. Of course, you also want to look good while practicing your favourite past-time, so don’t forget to add these top 5 must-have horse accessories to your next shopping list: