September 7, 2017

Collars for dogs: non-negotiable accessories

When you look at images of the Hurricane Harvey aftermath, many people are shown as completely inseparable from their pets despite the surrounding water and debris. This is telling of what we prioritise: our families.

Preventative Measures

It is said that after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, additional disaster provisions have been made specifically for animals. Animal rescue groups like the Best Friends Animal Society work together to avoid losses. Strategies are in place before the storms occur and their success is evident this time around.

Now it is not an exaggeration to compare these preventative strategies to certain pre-emptive measures you can take to ensure your dogs’ general safety. While there is not necessarily an immediate threat of natural disasters in South Africa, there are so many other dangers that could jeopardise your pets’ safety and well-being. Something as simple as a tagged collar qualifies as a valuable safety strategy.

Mere identification – a name and number – is enough information to lead the rescuer to you. Petfinder confirms this and states that collars with identification “are your pets’ fastest tickets back to you should they become lost” – and we agree! Pets may stay inside mostly but this is no guarantee of safety.

Collar Concerns

Collars are an easy and economical solution but some pet owners still have concerns. If your dog objects to wearing a collar it may be because you didn’t introduce the idea early enough in the dog’s life. Start with getting your dog to wear it for a few hours a day at first. Make it a positive introduction, too.

If the collar is well-fitted in that it fits comfortably with enough room for you to slip two fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck, you needn’t worry that your animal’s jaw or leg could get caught. Just keep in mind that dogs grow and their collars should grow with them. Finally, if the jingling of the collar and tags irritates you, opt for dog accessories that are perhaps more practical in design like a strong leather dog collar – these are durable and available in different colours so it really isn’t an aesthetic compromise! You can even select a collar with studs or gemstones.

We hope everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey, and all the animals, are safe and reunited with their loved ones.