November 11, 2019

Dark Shades, Pastels or Neon: An Equestrian Colour Coordination Guide

When looking at horse tack for sale, we as horse owners feel compelled to ensure that our horses are kitted with colour matching tack, not only for the aesthetic reasons, but also for the practical ones. For riding schools or people who own more than one horse, having a colour assigned to each horse will keep things organised and keep skin conditions from spreading. From numnahs to brushing boots, each item can be bought in the colour of your choice which allows you to assign a specific shade to your equine pal. However, there are general “fashion” rules for horse’s coats on what colours or shades will go well with their own natural colouring. So, if you need help deciding which colour will turn your horse into a young trend-setter, have a look at this quick equestrian colour coordination guide.

Let’s find out whether you should go for a mysteriously noble look with darker shades, be super cute in pastel, or become a show-stopping stunner in neon!

50 Shades of Dark

Darker colours, such as maroon, navy blue or charcoal black, are great colours for horses with a light coat due to the contrast between tack and horse. Dark colours are also easier to maintain as it does not easily show signs of dirt or wear. Darker shades of colour in equestrian gear will go well with:

  • Greys
  • Chestnuts (especially dark or emerald greens)
  • Palominos
  • Duns
  • Skewbald and Piebalds

Pretty in Pastels

Pastels form part of the pale family of colours, they are soothing colours which are considered as delicate, feminine and soft. For certain horses and ponies, pastel colours look great with their coats! For horses with black or bay coats, pastels and whites are great to add a highlight and contrasted shade by using the colour of their tack. Horses with softer colours, such as palominos and duns also look super cute in pastels. However, for really light-coated and fair horses such as greys, pastels might be too soft a colour for their coats, blending in and neither complimenting nor contrasting their colour.

Shining Bright with Neon

Neon colours are bright shades that virtually glow with intensity. These colours are known and popular for their ability to grab the attention of onlookers; perfect for people who wish to wow their audience by adding some neon shades to their tack. Neon is perfect for the following coats:

  • Dark Greys
  • Black Beauties
  • Skewbald and Piebalds
  • Appaloosas

Follow the Trident Colour Coordination guide above and you and your pony will become a perfectly Instagram-able pair; ready to dazzle and shine in matching colours. Have a look at Trident Saddlery’s horse tack for sale and find out what you can have ordered in your new colour.