December 10, 2015

Holiday Season Pet Safety Tips

As we prepare for the holiday season, it is absolutely essential that we do not fail to keep our animals in mind when getting caught up in all the end of year festivities. Trident Saddlery has compelled a list of important tips to ensure that you keep your pets healthy and safe.

Christmas Decorations

Setting up your yearly Christmas decorations can be a lot of fun; it can also be very dangerous. Make sure you take care of the following:

  • Anchor your Christmas tree to stop the tree from possible falling on your pet
  • Make sure that tinsel is out of reach, especially for cats as it is hazardous to their digestive tract
  • Keep all electrical wires as well as Christmas ornaments away from pets
  • Don’t leave any candles lit and in any pet’s reach as they can end up burn themselves

Holiday Food

  • Keep all food that your pets should not consume out of reach; this includes sweats and chocolates that are very popular during this time of the year
  • Make sure that pets do not dig through your dustbins to salvage any food.
  • Avoid feeding your pets leftovers, especially if the food is too rich
  • Avoid feeding your pets any bones that can chock them or hurt them

New Year’s Party

  • Keep fireworks to a minimum as many pets get scared and this can result in a pet running away from its home
  • Don’t leave a mess of decorations everywhere that your pets can get a hold of and chew
  • Make sure your pets are fed, secured in your house/yard and not near any hectic party

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