March 13, 2019

Horse Shampoo for Human Hair

To answer your most pressing question: yes, horse shampoo can make your hair grow faster. The amount of length horse shampoo has the ability to influence varies from person to person. There are many factors which can influence this, including the overall state of your hair as well as the kind of hair you have in the first place.

How Horse Shampoo Makes Your Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

Horse shampoo is formulated to tame the often unruly tails and manes of horses while providing them with the nutrients they need to stay glossy and soft. It does this by swelling the hair shaft which is what can trigger increased growth when used on human hair because it is being nourished and so becomes thick and healthy.

Please note that this can be ineffective on particularly fine hair and may cause breakage. This is why it is important to dilute the shampoo to ensure it is not used at too high a concentration that could damage your hair. Thick frizzy hair tends to become more manageable after the prolonged use of horse shampoo on human hair.

The key is to use the product consistently in order to see results. If you browse the results of horse shampoo in before-and-after photos on the internet you will see that there is varied success but it definitely has the power to give you strong, healthy and long hair.

Why You Should Try Horse Shampoo for Healthy Long Hair

  • Horse shampoo is easy to source in most countries. Finding horse shampoo in South Africa is as easy as visiting your nearest Dischem. You could always order some horse shampoo directly from Trident Saddlery.
  • Horse shampoo is very affordable as you will be diluting the product, and a bottle should last quite a while when compared to shampoos marketed for human hair.
  • You will notice your hair getting stronger, thicker and growing faster.
  • Frizzy or untamed hair becomes much easier to manage when you use horse shampoo.

Even BuzzFeed has boasted the benefits of using horse shampoo as a means of saving dry and damaged hair.

How to Boost the Growing Power of Horse Shampoo Even More

You can add some Bergamot essence or tea tree essential oil for an added shine, growth and moisture boost in your haircare routine. This is a great way to make your horse shampoo multipurpose by serving all your hair needs with only one step: washing your hair with horse shampoo from Trident Saddlery.