February 20, 2018

Horse Supplies for Travelling with Your Equestrian Companion

When travelling with your horse there are certain things that should be on your packing list when it comes to horse supplies. Listed among them should be your horse saddles and tack, but there are certain products that should also be taken along to keep your horse safe while traveling.


When travelling with your equestrian companion you should have their papers on hand that reflect all the latest update of vaccines. This will prove you can cross borders without potentially contaminating other horses with contagious diseases.

Tail Guard

This is essential to your list of horse supplies when travelling with your horse. The tail guard protects the horse’s tail from getting snagged, scratched or pulled on route to your destination. Our tail guard is made of neoprene so it is not too tight (which can result in hair loss) and doesn’t irritate the horse. The tail guard from Trident fastens with Velcro meaning it is easy to put on and remove without distressing the (probably already tense from travelling) horse.

Poll Guard

The poll refers to the area located between the horse’s ears. The poll is the bony area that connects the horse’s spinal cord to its skull. This is a highly sensitive area because damage here could kill or maim the horse. By applying padding in the form of a poll guard is essential when traveling so should the horse bump their poll in the trailer they are well protected from long-term damage.

Traveling Boots

Travelling boots are a necessity when travelling with your horse because horses can very easily severely injure their legs. Traveling boots can protect from muscle and tendon strain as well as scrapes and bruises.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is essential when traveling with your horse, even on short journeys, so you are always ready for anything. Any nicks should be checked, cleaned and dressed at each stop. Your first aid kit should include:

  • Bandages
  • Thermometer
  • Antiseptic wound cleaner and ointment
  • Gauze
  • Hoof pick
  • Surgical gloves