How To Enjoy Bath Time!

Dog BathSome dogs absolutely love water; others, not so much. When it comes to making sure your dog is clean and fresh, we have some top advice to help make cleaning your dog a friendly experience as opposed to a raging war!


  1. If it’s not too late, start from young

If you get a puppy, start bathing him or her as soon as you can.

  1. Make sure your dog associates bath time as something positive.

Puppies and dogs are similar to children as you can persuade them with affection, treats and toys.

Start off slowly by getting your dog to jump in and out of the bath while it’s empty. Once they are comfortable, you can begin adding warm water to the bath while still entertaining your dog with toys and treats.


  1. Use pet shampoo

Dog shampoos are especially created to prevent your dog from getting dry, itchy or sore skin. There are various shampoos that you can buy that will be perfect for your dog. Take a look at Trident’s dog shampoo range.

  1. Wash your dog from the neck down

Using a cup or jug, rinse and wash your dog slowly. By gently massaging your dog’s fur, he/she will be able to enjoy being washed. Using a damp cloth, wipe your dog’s face to clean it.

  1. Don’t let water get into your dog’s ears

It is not only highly uncomfortable for your dog, but it can also create health problems.

  1. Dry after wash

If you leave your dog wet, he/she will just get dirty again. You can towel dry your dog and then gently blow dry him/her.