July 13, 2016

How to Keep Your Dog Warm this Winter: 5 Top Tips

Since we’re celebrating the middle of winter, we need to keep in mind that our dogs may be feeling the effects of winter. However, by preparing in advance to ensure that your dogs are warm while you’re at work, you may be saving them from experiencing colder winters than necessary.

Here are top 5 tips on protecting your dog from cold winter days:

1. Purchase a comfortable bed

Dogs feel more comfortable in their own space, so why not invest in a comfortable dog bed to give your pooch the space they deserve. Besides, the last thing you want is muddy paws all over your clean furniture – especially if they’ve been left outside the whole day.

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2. Don’t forget the dog cushion

Every dog bed deserves a warm dog cushion to add to your pup’s comfort level. This will keep them warmer than usual, especially if your home is a bit colder during the winter months. Trident’s dog accessories are available in an array of funky colours to match your décor to your dog’s rest area.

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3. Try a jersey on for size

If you’re leaving your dog outside for the day it’s best to dress them in an appropriate jersey to keep their torso warm. The possibilities are endless as far as matching their dress style to their personality, so don’t hold back.

4. Invest in a dog house

Protect your dog from the elements by investing in a quality dog house – giving them shelter from the rain or nippy wind while you’re busy at work. Ensure the inside of the dog house is soft and inviting by placing a cushion inside and adding a toy or two.

5. Provide more food

As the temperatures drop, your dog will use more energy to stay warm – which will require them to eat more. Always leave a bowl of fresh water and tasty dog food to keep them going during the day while you’re away.

Remember, always ensure your dog has a collar on to ensure they’re found if they venture out seeking some attention from outsiders while you’re at work.

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