November 13, 2019

How Often Should You Groom a Horse?

Firstly, there is a difference between grooming a horse and bathing a horse. Bathing can be seen as a step in the larger grooming process, but one can groom a horse without necessarily having to bathe them first. All-round and comprehensive horse care and grooming should also include a regular visit from a farrier to keep their hooves and shoes in a good condition.

How Often Can/Should You Bathe a Horse?

All horses are different and have become accustomed to a certain schedule. The intervals discussed in this article are approximated and you will know when it is time for your horse to have a bath, even if it is outside of the “regular” schedule. Keep your safety in mind at all times and be sure to have all the necessary horse grooming equipment at the ready. The schedule will largely depend on the environment a horse spends the majority of its time in, as well as the season and its access to muddy pastures. Generally speaking, you should only be getting out the horse shampoo for a full wash before show or clinic to keep the natural oils in the horse’s coat intact (so be sure to follow the dilution instructions to the letter). After exercise, a rinse will do, and you may choose to shampoo the horse’s mane and tail and not their entire body to maintain the natural oils.

How Often Should You Groom a Horse?

The horse grooming kit in your arsenal serves multiple purposes, it will not only groom your horse but solidify your bond with the horse. In the wild, horses scratch each other with their teeth because it feels nice, this is how they make friends.

You should, technically speaking, get out your horse grooming equipment every time you intend to ride or interact with a horse. Using your horse grooming kit before and after riding is the perfect time to bond with your horse and check for any skin abnormalities like cuts, infections or signs of health issues. Your horse should be getting a full groom with all the tools in your horse grooming kit at least twice a week. The more often you get your horse grooming equipment out, the better. You and your horse will bond and you will always be in touch their mental and physical state which is imperative for a good rider. If you are looking for a comprehensive horse grooming kit, be sure to contact us a Trident Saddlery for this and all your equestrian equipment and attire.