October 10, 2018

How To Choose The Perfect Riding Boots

Before we explore how to choose the perfect riding boots to complete your collection of horse riding clothes we will explore the options available from most quality tack shops in South Africa. Generally, you will have a choice between different styles of riding boots and to choose if you will go with chaps or gaiters. The choice you make will depend on your needs when it comes to functionality and aesthetics.

What Must All Riding Boots Offer?

A quality pair of riding boots that most horse tack shops will have for sale should provide the rider with three things: safety, comfort and support of the correct leg position for riding. This means they are and should be made of a durable material like rubber or leather.

The durable material will ensure the boots endures extended use as well as continually prevents any irritation from occurring on the rider’s legs. This should be the case whether the rider is mounting the horse, riding or performing. There should also be a steel toe cap which protects the toes while the rider is wearing their horse riding boots.

Jodhpur Horse Riding Boots

These are a great choice, especially if you already have Jodhpur riding pants in your collection of horse riding clothes. The boot you choose may be Western, English, Jodhpur, Field or Dress boots. Your choice will depend on the look and function you are after. The Jodhpur boot is a great one to have in your horse riding clothes closet because it serves all the purposes a riding boot should and it serves them well. You will still have some choices to make if you have settled on a boot style like would you like it to zip or pull on?

A Johdpur pair of riding boots (also known as a paddock or short boots) are a great choice for anyone who prefers short style riding boots. The heel is designed to help prevent the foot from slipping too far out of the stirrup, making it perfect for novice riders. It also sports a smooth flat surface so that the foot does not get stuck in the stirrups either.

Whichever pair you decide on be sure to try them on, like with any pair of shoes they may look perfect in the display but the proof is in trying them on.

For horse riding clothes visit a quality tack shop in South Africa. Contact Trident Saddlery for all your horse riding gear needs.