How to Cool Down You Dog This Summer

There is a heat wave going on at the moment, and we are all trying to cool ourselves down, but do you know that your dogs also suffer in the heat?

For those without air-conditioning, or who’s dogs stay outside, here are a few tips to help keep your pooches a little more comfortable in the heat.


1.       With ice please! We all like a cool drink on a hot afternoon – add ice cubes to your dog’s water to help him/her stay chilled. Note that you shouldn’t give your dogs ice-cubes to eat as they might crack their teeth.


2.       Wipe your dog down with a cool wet towel. The water will cool him/her down.


3.       You can create a cool breeze by aiming a floor fan, with a bowl of ice-cubes in front of your dogs bed or cushion. The fan will blow over the ice and blow cooler air onto your pup. Cover the bowl of ice with a cloth if you’re scared your dog will try to eat the ice.

Your dog may prefer just a cushion, instead of a dog bed, in the summer as it will be cooler to sleep on.


4.       Put a splash pool in a shady spot in the garden and fill it with cold water – some dogs will love it and lie in it all day, others might not like it, but it’s worth a try.


5.       If it is really warm consider letting your dog into the coolest areas of the house –such as a bathroom with a tiled floor or an area with a cement floor.

Note that short-nosed dogs such as bulldogs, pugs, and Pekinese suffer badly from heat and should be kept in air-conditioned and cool places. They cannot sufficiently cool themselves down by panting alone.


6.       Walk your dog early in the mornings and late afternoons and try to stay in shady and green areas that are not as warm. Remember that while you have shoes on your dog is going barefoot on the hot tar road or pavement – if there are no grassy areas around your house take him/her to a park instead of walking on the road.

Remember never to take your dog for a walk without a collar and dog lead– it best is for his/her safety.


7.       Most importantly, NEVER leave your dog in a hot car for any amount of time.  If you have to take your dog somewhere in the car, keep the car cool with the aircon on, or keep the windows open  while driving.