The Ideal Dog’s Traveling Kit

Pet AccessoriesSome dogs wait in anxious excitement for car rides while others stiffen up with their tale between their legs at the thought of being stuck in a moving car.

The best way to make a vehicle trip pleasant for your dog is to make sure your dog’s tote bag for travelling has all the necessary travelling items. The following items should be included in your dog’s travelling tote bag:

  1. ID tag: This should have the dog’s name, owner’s name and owner’s cell phone number as well as the dog’s vet’s telephone number.
  2. Water and a water container: Making sure your dog stays hydrated is very important. You can find very convenient bowls especially for travelling.
  3. Dog food: It’s best to pack your dog’s usual food (every meal) in a Ziplock packet. This will save you money and is more convenient.
  4. Dog snacks and toys: Make sure you have ways to keep your dog entertained (like he/she is a kid).
  5. Guide book for pets: This has all the information regarding pet stores, emergency services and available pet parks.
  6. Dog lead: This is very important as you will need to make sure you can safely walk your dog outside your car.
  7. Plastic bags and wet wipes: Make sure you always clean up after your dog.
  8. Medications: Pack all pills, ointments and vitamins that your dog might need.

Making sure you have these items in your dog’s travelling tote bag will ensure a smoother trip and ensure you have what you need to keep your dog happy.