May 28, 2018

If You Are Cold, So Are They: How to Keep Your Dogs Snug This Winter

The general rule of thumb when it is cold outside is that if you can feel it (taking into account that you can add layers of clothing) so can your dog. If your dogs are inside they can still feel the chill, especially in South Africa where indoor heating is less common than it is in colder countries. Here are some tips to help make sure you keep your dogs warm whether they spend the majority of the day inside or outside.

Different Dog Breeds Feel The Cold Differently

It is important to understand that not all dogs were created equal when it comes to the way they experience the cold. Breeds originating in colder regions like Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds naturally have more protection against the chill. Dogs like Jack Russells and Terriers are smaller with thin, short single coats, so they will show signs of feeling the cold very quickly.

Be sure to bathe dogs indoors and dry them thoroughly to ensure they are dry and warm before going outside.

Kennels, Igloos or Dog Houses

Dogs that sleep outside need some form of shelter (this is also beneficial to dogs that come and go between inside and outside), especially for particularly cold or rainy days and nights. This ensures they are elevated off the ground, which makes a huge difference; even a wooden pallet underneath their dog bed will have a significant influence on how cold they feel.

Dog Jackets and Sweaters

This can be a challenge because many dogs simply don’t like wearing them. If you have a puppy that is a breed which tends to feel the cold intensely, introduce this from an early age. This way by the time they are fully grown and perhaps living outside they will be used to wearing clothes for warmth.

Dog Cushions and Blankets

Donut shaped dog cushions tend to be best, especially when paired with a snuggly dog blanket. The dog has room to curl up in the middle with protection from the cold on all sides, and placing a blanket on top will have your pooch as snug as a bug in a rug.

Dog Beds

Investing in a good quality dog bed can make the world of difference to dogs who spend their time inside and outside. A good dog bed is beneficial to your dog’s postural health, will keep them off the furniture and allow them their own personal space which they also need to feel secure and comfortable.

So remember, if you are cold, so are they. But if you invest in one or more of the above-mentioned methods of keeping your dog warm they will be warm, happy and healthy! Contact us for quality dog beds in Johannesburg and make sure the pups of Gauteng have a cosy winter.