May 16, 2017

Jodhpurs; The Horse Rider’s Best Friend

Jodhpurs are trousers made for horse riding that are designed to sport a well-fitting cuff all the way down to the ankle. The trousers are made from stretch material to allow for freedom of movement of the rider.

The Jodhpur originated in India in a place of the same name in the 1890s. It was made of tight-fitting cloth around the mid-calf section down to the ankle and with a loose, free-flowing material around the hips to allow for freedom of movement.

The advances in textiles have taken the MC Hammer look and allowed for the same flexibility and mobility to be designed into tighter-fitting trousers. The lateral leg movement allowed by the flexible material is key to successful and comfortable horse riding.


The Difference Between Jodhpurs and Riding Breeches:

Breeches are designed to be worn with long-riding boots because they end mid-calf. Jodhpurs are designed to be worn with Jodhpur boots.

Jodhpur Boots:

Jodhpur boots are named after the pants they were made to wear. The pants often sport a strap of some kind to stop the pants from riding up past the ankles.

It is a boot devised for riding sporting a rounded toe and low heel. This combined with the ankle boot style makes Jodhpur boots very popular amongst riders for the freedom and control it gives them.

Why the Right Fit Jodhpurs is Crucial to a Rider’s Performance:

The Jodhpurs give the rider mobility to control the horse as well as their own bodies. The tight fit means nothing will move and chafe after extensive riding. The pants are slightly padded to further protect from scrapes, scuffs or irritation that can be caused by constant rubbing while riding.

Invest in a pair of professional-grade Jodhpurs for the ultimate riding experience!