February 24, 2023

Leather Care: Everything You Need to Know

Genuine leather is an extremely versatile and resilient material which makes it perfect for use as restaurant menu covers. However, as with all things, it needs regular care in order for it to remain in good condition and last for many years to come.

In this article, we will discuss all things leather care so that you can ensure your menu covers remain aesthetically appealing and as durable as the day you first received them. 

How Do You Take Care of Leather?

There are a few tricks and tips that you can utilise to ensure your leather menu covers remain in good condition. Some of these leather care practices include: 

  • Leather Type: It is important to determine what type of leather has been used to craft your menu cover. This will have some impact on certain cleaning regimes such as which type of soap and products should be used on your leather. 
  • Cleaning: It is advisable to wipe your leather menu cover down once a week with a soft cloth or brush. Make sure that you use a cloth that does not have any excess lint. You can also make use of a mild cleaner every few months to clean off any excess grime. It is important to make use of a cleaner that has been specially formulated for leather menu covers. 
  • Protective Spray: Every three months or so it can be beneficial to apply a protective spray to your menu covers as they are handled frequently. This will help prevent any premature degradation. 
  • Wipe Away Spills: The restaurant environment will inevitably cause your menu covers to get wet due to spills. While one cannot prevent this from happening, one can prevent damage from occurring. It is important to train your wait staff to wipe away any spills as soon as possible (without offending the customer). 
  • Storage: It is advisable to plan and be strategic about where you will be storing your menus. Try to avoid storage that receives a lot of sun exposure, as this will damage the leather. It is also advisable to avoid storage close to any synthetic or extreme heat sources such as close to a heather or near the kitchen. 

Should I Moisturize Leather?

Yes, you should definitely moisturize and condition your leather menu covers! As mentioned previously, it is best to know the type of leather that your menu cover is made of as this will determine what type of leather conditioner will be best suited to care for the leather. It is best to condition your menu covers every few months; however, if you start to notice the leather looking dry and cracked you can do so more frequently. 

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