Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Choosing the Best Dog Bed

Some people think that dogs are perfectly suited to simply curl up and fall asleep anywhere but as most dog owners know, this is not enough. Curled up on the floor may work for a quick rest but a good night’s sleep for our beloved canine companions requires the expertise of pet bed manufacturers. Here are the different kinds of dog beds best suited for different dogs in different situations.

Beds for Small/Medium Sized Dogs

Smaller dogs are prone to feeling the cold much faster than larger dogs, or even than you do, so a safe, soft place to retreat to is essential. This is especially beneficial if you prefer your lap-sized-dog to have another option for his bed than in your lap. Even if you often let your tiny pup catch some Z’s on your lap it is healthy for them to have a place of their own like a cozy dog bed which they can retreat at any time.

Beds for Large Dogs

Many dog lovers don’t let the size of their dog hinder them from letting their dog sleep on their lap, couch or even in their bed. At the end of the day it is your pet and you may do as you please but dog bed manufacturers have specially designed solutions that help keep your dogs warm and your bed clean.

Beds for Cold-Natured Dogs

A quality dog bed is essential for cold-natured dogs. Dog breeds like Yorkies, Chinese Crested, Greyhounds and Whippets all feel the cold quickly and easily. Making a dog bed available to them specially designed by pet bed manufacturers means that they can escape the cold at any moment without you having to realise they are getting cold first. They will be able to retreat to their safe, warm nook at any time they feel the need to. Throw in a dog blanket and it is dog bed heaven, they may stay there all day and night thanks to the cozy situation you have created for them.

Beds for Long-Haired Dogs

Long-haired dogs, dogs that overheat easily or dogs with thick coats like Huskies, Bulldogs, Pokinese, Long-haired Spaniels, and Poodles need beds that aren’t too hot or restricting.

large cozy mat may be enough for these warm-natured pooches, especially in summer when you can put it in a shady spot for them to retreat to.

Trident Saddlery is a trusted dog bed manufacturer and dog cushion distributor. We even have a travelling dog bed for those of you whose canine pal goes everywhere with them. Contact us for more information.