August 27, 2020

Looking for a Local Leather Dog Collar Manufacturer?

Trident Saddlery is known as one of the South Africa’s top manufacturers of quality dog and equestrian products, as well as custom leather and nylon items. We are also leather dog collar manufacturers, and can create custom dog collars, straps and harnesses for veterinary, pet, and equestrian stores.

Pet Product Wholesalers

Our impressive showroom stocks a huge range of saddles, bridles, halters, lunging equipment, and other riding gear. We manufacture leather goods, including dog collars, locally. We import any materials that local stockists don’t have. Most of our imported goods come from Great Britain and Germany, each item having gone through a rigorous quality check, to ensure that our products are of unmatched high standards. We export our dog toys to the UK as well as to other African countries like Lesotho and Botswana.

We also manufacture products specifically for resale under the wholesaler’s preferred name/label. Labels can be made by us or provided by the wholesaler. Our custom-made leather and nylon products are specifically manufactured for customers who buy in bulk, but still want to be unique.

Why Supporting Local is Lekker

Our factory employs locals from around the area, providing opportunities for our community to upskill themselves and support their families. From laying out material, cutting, marking, eyeleting, and machining, our handmade leather pet products are made with the utmost care by our staff to ensure that each one is made to last.

With South Africa’s economy currently weakening, it not only makes sense to support local suppliers, it is becoming essential. Trident supports as many local suppliers as possible to ensure that we are doing our part in boosting the economy, especially after the knock it took from COVID-19.

Supporting local also means that your goods arrive a lot quicker, and there are no complicated shipping processes or import taxes to be concerned about.

Leather Dog Collar Manufacturing Process

Our local staff are experts that work wonders with the top-quality leather.

  • All the leather straps used in the factory are cut on an electronic strap cutter which is programmed to make the straps the same length and width where required.
  • The leather is cut, the edges are rounded, holes are punched
  • Embossing is completed where required
  • The leather is stained

We are constantly striving to improve our products and techniques by looking at international standards and using the best equipment.

Our custom leather products can be custom made according to requirements and embossed with logos and names of our clients’ choice. Our showroom is open seven days a week and offers leather dog collars, leather saddles and much more! For more information on our products, or to order bulk pet accessories, contact us.