October 13, 2020

Luxury Dog Beds in South Africa: Choosing the Right Fit

For humans, having a good quality bed is important for warmth, supporting bones and joints, and for comfort. The same applies to our four-legged friends. A quality dog bed will not only aid your dog’s joint health, but it will also give them their own safe space, which is important for their mental state too.

Dog bed manufacturers create dog beds specifically with canine needs in mind. Using waterproof material with supportive, comfy cushioning, finding the right luxury dog bed for your companion will be easy!

What Kind of Dog Bed Should I Get?

Your dog’s bed will depend on size, breed, health requirements, and age. For example, a dog with joint issues will need some extra padding, with a dog matt underneath their bedding. It’ll also need to be lower to the ground so they don’t have to exert themselves getting into it.

Beds for Small Dogs

Smaller dogs tend to feel the cold much faster than larger dogs, so they need a cushy warm bed with sides to put a barrier between them and the cold air. When you’re not around, they can bury themselves into their dog blanket on their bed and be warm and happy.

Beds for Extra Large Dogs

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to stretch out on the couch without having your large breed dog taking up more than half of it. You won’t feel so bad chasing them off if you know they have a luxury bed to fall asleep on. For bigger dog breeds, it’s best to get a flat, large dog bed that they can stretch their long limbs on.

Dog Beds for Summer

Dogs feel the heat too, and it can be very uncomfortable for them when the weather is overbearingly hot. This is the perfect time to get a cushioned dog matt that they can lay on. It’s much softer than the floor, and they can kick their blanket off of it if they need some breathing room.

Whatever your dog bed needs, we have it all! Trident is a luxury dog bed manufacturer that supplies both wholesalers, and the individual pet lover. Give us a call for more information.