January 18, 2018

The only horse riding equipment supplier you’ll ever need: Trident Saddlery

Horse riding has been the mark of nobility and peaceful coexistence with nature through the ages, and equestrian equipment suppliers have been great throughout. But in developing countries, there has always been a large concern over high costs of imports and the degree of brand quality. That is why we at Trident Saddlery are dedicated to bringing you the best saddlery in South Africa.

Proudly South African excellence

With our country’s natural beauty and open expanses that are perfect for enjoying from horseback, we are proud to bring quality saddlery to South Africa, from South Africa. We manufacture all of our own equestrian equipment in our Johannesburg factory, where we ensure that all of our products meet exceptionally high standards every time.

At Trident we feel that our contribution towards saddlery in South Africa is about more than just supplying products. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our fellow South Africans by employing local people and training them in our manufacturing facilities, thus providing them with jobs and skills to enrich their lives as well as your horse riding experience.

Genuinely affordable prices

The added bonus for those buying their equestrian equipment from us at Trident is that due to our products’ local manufacture, we are able to offer reasonable prices. Without taking on all the import taxes and transport expenses, we carry lower costs which allows us to save you money too! Plus, should you ever need to replace any of your equipment, you can get it quickly and affordably from your trusty South African saddlery supplier – no hassle, no fuss.

We care about all of your four-legged friends

Our expertise go beyond equestrian equipment. For us, apart from caring for our local citizens and horse lovers, we keep your canine friends in mind as well – dogs are man’s best friend, after all. We have an entire selection of dog products ranging from dog cushions to collars and shampoos. Best of all, all of our dog products are also locally manufactured, so you are provided with the same quality assurance and low prices as with our equestrian equipment.

Whether you want to buy our equestrian equipment and dog products as a customer or have products manufactured specially for you as a stockist, consult Trident Saddlery. Simply contact us to get the best quality saddlery in South Africa.