March 24, 2023

Pairing Leather Menu Covers With Table Setting and Décor

Décor is an extremely important part of any restaurant experience. Your décor should not only reflect your restaurant’s image but suit the menu. Therefore, your menu cover should form a part of your décor and match your overall look and feel. Leather menu covers are a very popular choice as they are not only durable but provide an element of luxury. However, it is important to ensure that you know how to include your leather menu covers in your décor so that everything ties together properly. 

What to Consider When Pairing Your Leather Menu Covers

There are a few key elements to consider when planning your restaurant’s décor and ensuring that your leather menu covers fit in with the overall look and feel. These elements consist of:

  • Colour: Leather comes in a wide variety of colours from light tan to black. You can choose a natural leather colour or even have it dyed to suit your restaurant’s design. Therefore, if your restaurant is going for a rustic and natural feel then a tan or brown colour would work best. However, if your restaurant is modern then black, white, or another colour might work best. 
  • Texture: As with colours, leather can also come in different textures. From smooth to grainy, embossed, and even pebbled textures, this can add a subtle but significant touch that will pull everything together. Therefore, if your restaurant has a lot of wood grains, a granny texture might pair well. 
  • Table Linen: It is important to coordinate your table linens with your menu covers. Perhaps you have table cloths or maybe it’s exposed wood tables with a linen napkin, but every texture and material counts. It could be beneficial to match your linen colour with your menu cover colour. Perhaps, if you are going for décor that includes pops of colour, a contrasting linen and menu colour will work well. 
  • Branding: Branding your leather menu cover does add a nice touch. Adding your restaurant’s logo can help tie everything together and make it seem more thought-out than having a generic menu cover. Most leather menu cover manufacturers will offer personal branding options. 

Where to Find Leather Menu Covers in South Africa

It is important to find a leather menu cover manufacturer that has experience in their craft. At Trident Saddlery we specialise in crafting leather products and will be able to guide you on your leather menu cover journey. Contact us at Trident to find the perfect leather menu cover that will elevate your restaurant’s dining experience.