November 16, 2015

Protective Boots For Horses

There are various reasons why a horse could need protective boots as well as various designs to match different needs. For race or jump horses, protective boots prevent leg injuries from occurring during riding; for horses with constant returning injuries, protective boots can assist with supporting the legs; and there are specifically designed boots to prevent any interference that may cause splints or abrasions.

Here are a few different types of horse shoes you may want to buy for your horse:

Tendon or Fetlock Airflow Boots are designed to be especially lightweight with airflow grid inserts to make sure that the horse’s leg stays cool. The boots are useful for jumpers as they add support and prevent injuries.

Safegurard Brushing Boots (also known as splint boots) are used to protect a horse’s legs while the horse is exercising. Injury can be caused if the horse’s hoof or leg hits the horses opposite leg; therefore brushing boots are important as they are able to prevent this from happening.

Over Reach Boots are worn to protect the horse’s shoe. Also, like brushing boots, these boots protect injury that is causes by overreaching.

Make sure your horse’s boots fit correctly

There should be a finger- sized space between the boot and the leg. If the boot is too loose, dirt can get caught inside the boot and cause abrasions or discomfort; if the boot is too tight, the horses tendons can get damaged.

In terms of length, ensure that the boot is not too long; it should not rise over the back of the horse’s knee as this will cause an interference with the horse’s movement.

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