Saddle and bridle starter kit: What it is and how to use it




Having the right equipment when you take up horse riding is essential to learning all the whats, hows, whens, wheres and whys of the skill set. Start yourself off right with a full kit!







1.    Western saddle

The quality leather, Western saddle (when fit properly) is an effective way to bond horse and rider. These horse saddles allow for longer durations of riding and more security on rough terrains. This helps create trust in both your abilities and between the horse and rider. A comfortable rider, more often than not, makes for a relaxed horse.

2.    Stirrup leathers

These allow for a full range of motion in the hips and legs of the rider to control the horse while being ridden. The stirrup leathers need to be strong and firmly buckled to ensure this range of movement and mobility to remain on the horse.

They also protect the rider’s legs from chaffing against the horse. This way both horse and rider can work together. The leather resists stretching for added security making the combination of the western saddles for horses and the stirrup leathers effective for active horse riding.

3.    Stirrup irons

This is attached to the stirrup leathers to secure the rider’s feet. It has a tread for added stability and security. With the rider’s feet firmly placed it is easier to control your movements along with the horse’s.

4.    Web girth

Also called a ‘cinch,’ the web girth secures the saddle around the barrel (the belly) of the horse with a wide leather strap or a series of cords to keep the saddle in place by spreading the pressure equally across the horse’s topline.

5.    Felt numnah

This is the saddle cloth that is placed between the horse and the saddle to ensure comfort and it minimises chaffing for the horse.

6.    Snaffle bridle and loose ring snaffle bit

The snaffle bridle is designed to direct the horse with the loose ring snaffle bit in its mouth. The reigns of the bridle are attached to the bit. Loose ring bits are helpful because the horse tends to relax and often chew the bit.

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