September 26, 2018

Saddle Geek Guide: Tips for Keeping your New Saddle in Top Condition

There are two main components to maintaining the condition of your new saddle, suitable storage, and regular cleaning. Once you have bought your new saddle, preferably from top-quality saddle manufacturers, you’re going to want to immediately start with a stringent care routine in order to preserve the condition and lifetime of the saddle.

A saddle is an investment, and often the most expensive item of your equine gear, you therefore want your saddle to last for a long time to come, or at least until your horse grows out of it. Even with heavy use, a saddle will remain in good condition if you adhere to the two basic principles, cleaning and storage.


When your saddle is not being used, it is important to keep it stored in a cool dry place, protected from the elements. By adhering to best-practice storage solutions, your saddle will maintain its shape, preserving the comfort of both you and your horse. The following factors can be causes of your saddle losing shape:

– Too much sun exposure can dry out the material and cause cracking.

– An environment with too much moisture can cause the saddle to stretch.

– A stand that is not supportive enough can cause the saddle to sag and eventually lose its expertly crafted shape.

A supportive saddle stand is important and must be high enough off the ground so all the accessories can hang freely. A saddle cover is also an important tool to use in order to provide protection from scratches, dust, or accidental spillage; even better is a waterproof saddle cover which can be bought from wholesale tack and saddle distributors. For travelling, a saddle carry bag is also useful in preventing damage while being carted back and forth from shows.


Also easily available from horse tack manufacturers are leather care products which are important must-haves for your equestrian equipment. Prepare yourself with a fully equipped tack care kit which should include the following items:

– Saddle Soap

– Leather Dressing

– Leather Conditioner

– Leather Wax

Your saddle should get a regular, thorough cleaning using products that are specifically made by saddle manufacturers to keep your saddle, and other equipment, in pristine condition. Follow the instructions on the individual items to ensure correct usage and optimal results.

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