September 9, 2016

Safety Tips For Young Equestrians: 10 Most Important Points

  • Children who are horse riding must be supervised at all times. The supervisor is in charge of assuring that all of the following safety tips are followed stringently.
  • Children under the age of 6 should not ride a horse on their own and should rather be accompanied by an experienced adult.


  • Wearing a helmet is non-negotiable. In fact, the helmet must be certified and must meet the standards to pass the country’s set of conformity assessments. Seriously, head injuries show a high statistic in horse riding accidents so children should always wear a helmet while horse riding.
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing, clothes that have dangling material or any hanging jewellery. Having your clothes hook onto any tacks can result in being dragged by the horse in case unexpected dismounting occurs. Being dragged by a horse can cause serious injuries, so any rider should be free from tangles at all times. Suitable equestrian wear is recommended for anyone interested in horse riding.
  • Always wear sturdy shoes that cover and protect your ankles. Also make sure that your shoes (or any other clothing, for that matter) has anything on it that can distract, scare or hurt the horse.
  • Do not attempt to fasten or adjust the harness while you are already on the horse. Dismounted horse injuries do occur, so make sure to treat the horse in a calm manner when fastening or loosening a harness.
  • Avoid sudden movements, loud noises, big crowds, camera flashes and other animals when engaging a child with the horse. This is especially necessary if the child and the horse are strangers to each other. Make sure your child remains relaxed and quiet when he/she is around the horse.
  • All riders must learn how to fall properly. If you plan on making horse riding a life hobby, then you are most likely going to experience a fall at some point or another. The two most important things to remember is to kick yourself as far away from the horse as possible, and to avoid sticking arms and legs out straight as this can result in breaking a bone.
  • First timers and amateur riders must always listen to the coach! The coach understands everything there is to know about the horses in the stable, so never argue with your coach about which horse to ride and always listen to the coach’s advice.
  • Stay motivated! Everyone is bound to fall eventually. Children should understand that it is part of the practice and that a fall should not stop them from ever trying horse riding again.

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