Horse Tail Guard – Neoprene

The Neoprene Horse Tail Guard is made from soft, fleece and is thickly padded for maximum tail protection whilst travelling, or protecting your horse’s dock during a show or out in the field. The clever design ensures that pressure is distributed evenly for total comfort. It has strong, elasticated Velcro straps for a close, secure fit.

This tail guard for sale is very simple to fit on and off. It also features rise padding to protect the area at the top of the tail which is most susceptible to rubbing. Fleece Tail Guard offers unbeatable protection for the dock area but also allows the area to breath and the soft fleece wicks away any moisture due to sweating.

This top quality neoprene with easy Velcro fastening can be used for horses, ponies and donkeys and is available in black only.


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