Shoo Fly Repellent

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Shoo-Fly fly repellent spray is highly effective against pesky flies and other invasive insects. With a pleasant fragrance, this solution contains permethrin, esbiothrin, piperonal butoxide, and aromatic oils. This spray can be used on both dogs and horses as an effective relief.

–          First brush the coat to remove excess dirt and dust

–          Spray or wipe onto the animals’ body and ears

–          For horses: legs, flanks, and shoulders should receive special attention.

Use caution when applying near the eyes and avoid contact with open skin.

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Trident Citronella Gel 250ml

Citronella Gel, Citronella Gel for horses, citronella gel for flies

Citronella Gel for Flies

Citronella oil is an essential oil that effectively repels ticks, mosquitos, flies, and other invasive insects. Citronella gel is used to keep your horse comfortable and stress-free by providing them with ample protection from pests. Apply a small amount daily to sensitive areas around the face and body, avoiding the eyes, ears, and any broken skin.

Citronella gel for horses should be used in conjunction with other repellent aids to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

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