July 24, 2019

Signs That Your Dog is Stressed and How You Can Help

Anxious pups are easy to spot if you know what to look for. There are many signs of stress that dogs express, as well as plenty of ways you can help calm your canine companion with the help of common dog products and dog accessories. If you see any of these signs of stress in your pooch be sure to start regularly taking steps to ease their anxiety.

Spotting the Signs of Stress in Your Dog

Keep an eye out for these signs, especially if they manifest in a combination of stress symptoms as listed below:

Decreased Appetite

If you notice your dog is not eating the amount it usually does or if it completely stops, this is a sign of stress which may be caused by pain, discomfort or illness. Taking your pet to the vet is strongly advised in such cases.

Digestive Issues

If your dog is presenting gastrointestinal problems it could be as a result of stress or illness. The rule of thumb is that if diarrhoea lasts for longer than 24 hours or if there is blood in the dog’s stool, a visit to the vet is necessary.

Avoidance and Isolation

You know your dog’s temperament when it comes to needing their own space. However, a dog that uncharacteristically avoids people and other animals in order to isolate itself could be doing so as a result of anxiety.

Change in Sleep Pattern

By now you know your pet’s sleep pattern. Dramatic changes to this like sleeping too much should be a cause for concern and is likely due to the dog’s stress levels being heightened, especially if the dog doesn’t show symptoms of illness.

Uncharacteristic Aggression

This can be towards people and other animals.

Unusual Shedding

Anything more than you may have experienced in the past that is not related to irritation or changing of the seasons.

Yawning, Drooling, Panting and Licking

When a dog does one or a combinations of these it can be considered an expression of your dog’s anxiety.

How To Help Your Dog Feel Less Anxious

Here are some basic ways to help your dog beat the stress with common dog products:

Play and Exercise

These are essential things that should be a part of any dog’s daily routine and are simply good practice for all dog owners. Be sure you have a dog collar that fits your dog properly. Take walks daily as this will help the dog relieve pent up energy that manifests as stress when they are not exercised. Make sure you get a strong dog leads that allows you to comfortably exercise your dog without fear of it coming loose.

Create a Safe Zone for Your Dog

Set up an area for your dog where he is comfortable with a dog bed and plenty of dog cushions and blankets. The dog can use this as a retreat during stressful situations like thunder storms.

Make Sure Your Dog’s Food Is High Quality

Be certain that your pet is getting all the nutrients it requires by investing in a high quality dog food. This will save you many veterinary bills in the future and ensure a healthy and less stressed pooch.

For more information on what dog products are best suited for your pup, contact us at Trident Saddlery and we will happily assist you.