December 18, 2015

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Dog

Before bringing home a new puppy or dog it is always best to be well prepared in order to give your new friend the best possible home.

Yes, there are the basic necessities that most people know about; collar, lead, food, water, and maybe a bed, but there is also a lot more that you need to know!

The Gear

The gear is the simple part – but be sure to buy quality products in the correct sizes. Your dog will be happier with a quality, comfortable collar and bed, and you will be happier with dog accessories that last.

For advice on dog accessories, it is best to visit a professional dog accessory stockiest that can give quality advice on what goods to buy.

The Game Plan

One cannot simply bring a new dog into a household without having a plan of action and informing everyone involved. Discuss and decide on who will be responsible for certain tasks such as walking the little guy, feeding him, and picking up his poop.

You may think that you can skip this step if you live alone as all the responsibility will fall on you – but you will still need to plan your daily life and set aside time for walking, and grooming your dog etc.

The rules

It will be difficult to teach your new pet manners and boundaries if no one is clear on what they are. Decide for yourself, or with those in your household what your new housemate will be allowed to and not allowed to do. Is he allowed treats, and how often? Is he allowed on the furniture? Decide these things up front to avoid confusion.

Remember that if he/she won’t be allowed to share your bed he/she will need his own place to sleep where he can rest comfortably.