October 15, 2019

The Horse Rider’s Saddlery Guide to Ensuring the Perfect Fit: Part 2


In Part 1 of “The Horse Rider’s Saddlery Guide to Ensuring the Perfect Fit”, you learnt all about the two important sizes of English saddles you need to take into consideration before ordering your new saddle: the seat size and the gullet size. In Part 2, we discuss the process of fitting your new saddle to your horse once it has arrived.


Fitting a Saddle to Your Horse


After ordering your saddle from Trident Saddlery, ensure that it fits you and your horse properly, if it does not fit, you would have to return it unused. We recommend that you get a qualified saddle fitter to correctly determine whether your new saddle fits your horse. If your saddle fits correctly, the saddle should be level with the pommel and the cantle should be about an inch higher than the pommel. Once you have attached and tightened the girth, you should also be able to fit at least two fingers in between the pommel of the saddle and your horse’s withers. It is important to note that the saddle should not sit on your horse’s withers or spine at all. Should you have forgotten all those pony camp tests, remember to brush up on your knowledge of English saddle parts in order to understand all the lingo.