December 20, 2019

The Kinds of Riding Boots Available for Horse Riding

Choosing the right riding boots, whether you are new to horse riding or a seasoned expert, is of the upmost importance. As one of the most important elements in your equestrian attire there are some factors to consider before purchasing the right riding boots:

  • The types of riding boots
  • The fit of the boots
  • The material of the riding boots’ quality

The Types of Boots to Choose From for Horse Riding

By “type of riding boot” we are referring to the style of the riding boot. However, “style” should not be the determining factor of whether they look good or not, riding boots’ most important job is to be functional.

There are two basic kinds of riding boots available on the market: Western Boots or English Boots.

Western Riding Boots

The Western riding boots, also known as cowboy boots, tend to be mid-calf height (sometimes paired with full chaps for long trail rides) and sport more of a heel than English riding boots.

English Riding Boots

English riding boots come in two popular variants: the Jodhpur Boot and the long Dress Boot. The Jodphur boot is a cost-effective alternative for everyday riding and is paired with half chaps, the Dress Boot goes up to just below the knee to protect the rider’s legs from the stirrup leathers, therefore not requiring the half chaps.

The Right Fit for Riding Boots is Crucial

The right fit for a riding boot is important because it plays a defining role in the safety of your ride. It is not as easy as simply buying the size of any other kind of shoe you usually buy. The structure of riding boots mean they must be fit snugly (yet comfortably) around your foot, ankle and calf while not allowing for any gaps to form that would result in the boot slouching.

When investing in quality boots for riding horses and equestrian activities they have to be the perfect fit because if they don’t they won’t get worn. Don’t forget to ensure the boot isn’t too tight around the calf because this will cause pinching after extending periods of riding.

The Different Materials Riding Boots are Made From

Riding boots are made from a whole host of materials; most commonly of leather or rubber. Rubber riding boots are great for colder climates where water proof and insulated riding boots are a necessity for riding in the snow.

Whatever material you choose just be sure your riding boots have a distinct heel without too much tread and are a great fit!

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